Vicki Payne 
Fine Art

Bridge of Lions

My name is Vicki Payne.  I take photographs of nature's beauty, light, colors, and wonderful creations like the oceans, trees, flowers, birds, and animals.  My specialty is waiting for the light.  Light is one of nature's special gifts.  Each moment has its own unique light representation, depending on the place, time of day, and environment.  I celebrate nature's spectacles, capturing them through the lens as best I can.

I was born in the Czech Republic.  I now live in sunny Florida.  I have a degree in Photography, initially learning my photography trade using film, chemicals, and dark room processing.

Capturing images of light has been a passion since I took my first steps into photography.  Digital technology has revolutionized photography, bringing us convenience, and new techniques, which film processing did not have.  I have fully converted from film to digital.  However, my pictures always stay 'true' to the captured image, and my vision of the world as I see it through the lens.

Bridge of Lions
Bridge of Lions