Meet the Artist

Vanessa Hajje

Vanessa Hajje was born and raised in California and is a woman of the world--having traveled solo to 20 countries and lived in Lebanon and Mexico. Her art integrates elements of painting and drawing and reflects both her education in Chinese medicine and fashion design.

Vanessa’s creative and artistic expression began in kindergarten at the small alternative school that she helped build. She was encouraged by her teacher to continue making up magical stories and illustrating them with sweet, unique, capricious characters. As a teen she spent long hours painting in her room and discovered her favorite artist Klimt, whom she is still influenced to this day. Her paintings are at the crossroads of whimsical, magical, and edgy. Vanessa‘s mixed media art is a rich mixture of styles. Each piece she initiates is diverse, from starting with collage to using spray paint. She works with a liberal hand expressing her feelings with color, texture, and her signature drips.

Vanessa became a member artist at the PAStA Gallery in September 2022. 

Vanessa Hajje Art