Meet the Artist

Meredith E. Schuster-Gansrow

Meredith E. Schuster-Gansrow earned her BFA from The School of Visual Arts in New York City. During her time she was awarded a scholarship to study in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Meredith's art has been shown in galleries and universities in New York and is featured in the Meditation book titled " Simple Things." Meredith works with Colleges and Universities nationwide to provide stress relief programs. Her art has been used for guided meditation programs for medical students, yoga studios as well as both undergraduate and graduate student programs. Both a painter and a sculptor her art is intended to help calm people's central nervous systems, create curiosity and inner wisdom. She also is commissioned to sculpt portrait scenes of both people and pets. Her art has been described as visual poetry. 

Meredith Schuster-Gansrow art