Meghan Holder 

Meghan is a multi-talented professional living in St. Augustine and can be found usually somewhere outdoors with her pups Bleu and Marlo either taking pictures, volunteering, or helping people through several healing methods that include Reiki as a Reiki master teacher, podcast host, and neurofeedback training. Her photography highlights the beauty of nature by capturing landscapes, beaches, and animals that helps calm and inspire the observer. Originally from Arkansas, she was raised in a military family and moved quite a bit, enabling her to see and appreciate many sceneries within the US and internationally. She has always had a heart for nature and the diversity it has to offer. Since living in St. Augustine for the past 4 years, she has volunteered extensively with the Chamber of Commerce, holding a position in the Agriculture and Environmental Council, and was honored as being awarded one of the Top 25 Under Forty as the list’s "Most Charitable Young Professional in 2021." Her love for animals and the environment expands to other volunteer work at a local bird sanctuary helping clean and feed injured birds as well as hosting local beach cleanup events.

Her degree in marine and environmental science with a minor in visual arts has provided a well-rounded and unique professional experience. A portion of the proceeds that come from her photography sales goes to help organize family fun environmental cleanup events organized around Mother’s Day each year to commemorate the life of her mother who passed the day after Mother’s Day, 2011.

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