Meet the Artist

Lori Kurtz-Larkin

Lori Kurtz-Larkin Artist Bio I see my art practice as my third career. I worked with international non-profit organizations and travelled the US and the world during my first career. My second career was working as a teacher while raising my son. I’ve been interested in ‘doing something in art’ throughout my life and made some starts and stops. Since my husband and I moved to St. Augustine in 2020, I’ve been devoting time to my art practice, working out of my home studio. I like all mediums, but acrylic painting is my current favorite.

My work is inspired by the colors in nature, my favorite muse. All facets of nature are fascinating to me. Nature’s colors can never be fully replicated and much of my work is abstract. I work as intuitively as possible and find joy in the painting process. Some of my work reflects my feelings about global warming, environmental degradation, sea life, and dreams. My work is eclectic, just as my life has been eclectic. Curiosity is a driving force and I love learning new things, participating in online or in-person painting classes or reading another art book!

I’ve exhibited at the St. Augustine Art Association, Butterfield Art Garage Gallery, and was Artist of the Month at the St. Johns County Library Main branch. I’m a member of the St. Augustine Art Association.

If you look at one of my paintings and are inspired, soothed or otherwise affected, then I’m doing my job! Connect with me: [email protected] 

Lori Kurtz-Larkin