Kristen Kutay

Kristen is  mixed media abstract artist specializing in resin artwork, with a passion for nature and life.  She is a self-taught artist that has been painting since she was a child.  Her earlier works consisted mainly of floral-scapes painted with acrylics and oils.  She has evolved her work through the years to incorporate all of the aspects of art she enjoys.  You can see this with her latest works that delve into sculpting clay shorelines, creatures and other amazing 3D elements.  The technique used with resin artwork is a fluid process of pouring while the canvas is flat.  It is then manipulated by using specific color cobinations and manual movements with her hands.  She incorporates the 3D elements during the final layers of resin and finishes off each painting with the curing heat of a blow torch.  Combining different aspects of her artistic expressions, she endeavors to transport you to another place and time.