Pamela Geiger

Featured Artist

"Painting is a gift I give myself most every day."

P.A.St.A. features a fine art oil painter with decades of experience this September. Pamela Geiger is a local Plein Air fine art oil painter whose realistic impressions of local scenes record the historic streets and buildings of St. Augustine. She catches everyday life on these ancient alleyways, as well as nature's vagaries in land and seascapes along our rivers and beaches.

All are colorfully rendered in oil on canvas. "As I move the paint around and make shapes, I imagine the characters who once lived here. I hear and see their activities and voices. It is then that my painting takes on a life of its own."

My painting in earnest began twenty-one years ago as I began to record my travels and hometown, St. Augustine. For awhile I was a gypsy and carried my painting tools in a pack on my back as I traveled around Europe.

"Nature and the Joy of Living inspire my paintings of Land, Sea, Architecture, and Special Moments." I paint from life--Plein Air--the people, places, and things that matter to me, and that may be replaced by 'progress' and not be here in the future. This is of special importance to me, as I have seen many changes in our town these last few years. I painted the Carousel several years ago, and now, my painting is all that remains of the children's laughter as they went round and round. The merry-go-round has gone to Port Charlotte, FL.

Painting the old, beautiful, and disappearing Florida is my passion. St. Augustine's landmarks, and surrounding seashore, farmland and marshes provide me infinite subjects.

I love what I do!