Carolyn Hayes Kelso
Artist Emeritus
Featured Artist

Rhode Island School of Design graduate, Carolyn Hayes Kelso, is the featured artist  for the month of May as well as having the honor bestowed upon her of becoming P.A.St.A.'s "Artist Emeritus" for her 20+ years of devotion to P.A.St.A. as an active member.

She was invited by Pat Nolan to join him as a member of P.A.St.A.  She was President for three years after Jean Troemel and Joan Dorrill stepped down, and has always been an active member of the coop.

This is Carolyn's last show as a participating member of P.A.St.A. Her show is a collection of her latest work--watercolors, mono-types, etc.--all done in Aqueous Manner. "Blue Bird", one of her mono-types, received two merit awards at the Florida Watercolor Society's Exhibition held in Coral Springs, Florida, last November, and her newer busy birds are fluttering in the breeze.

Drop by P.A.St.A. Gallery, 214 Charlotte Street, (south of the Plaza)--to visit with the artists who have come to welcome you, enjoy the refreshments, and celebrate the Artist Emeritus honor since she is retiring as an active member of the gallery.  

Carolyn's art will continue to be represented by P.A.St.A. Gallery (near the Art Association).

For additional information, please call 904-824-0251.  Always free.