My name is Bob Slingland.  I was born and raised in Totowa, New Jersey.  When I was growing up, the high school I went to offered art classes in which I participated. I really enjoyed doing hard edge graphic design paintings.  During that time I sold quite a few paintings.  Unfortunately, in my senior year my father passed away so I was unable to go to college to further my art education.  I got a full-time job to help my mom out.  

Six years after I graduated high school I got married and had two beautiful daughters which put my art work off to the side.  Eight years later I decided to move to Florida with my family.  I worked hard at my job and taking care of my family for the next 15 years.  Art was just a distant memory during that time.

Eventually the company I had worked for, for 22 years closed their doors.  So after a month of looking for a job, with no success, my wife encouraged me to start painting again.  After doing a few paintings I found out there were customers out there that liked my kind of art work.  A friend came over to our house and saw my work that was hanging on our wall and bought a painting that day.  My wife took one to work and hung it near her desk and had a lot of positive comments on it.  

With that kind of encouragement, I decided to try and get into the local art gallery.  In 2012 I got accepted into the GOLA Gallery in Flagler Beach.  During the past three years I have sold many paintings and met some really creative people.  My fellow artists have encouraged me to try to find other avenues to get my work out to a larger audience.  

I am enjoying using my creative side and giving people pleasure with my paintings.

Phone Number - 386-569-5683
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Mailing Address:  P.O. Box 351627, Palm Coast, FL  32135